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After years of putting wet, muddy, over excited dogs in the backs of cars - Modin Beds journey started by a disappointment in what was currently available on the market.

A dog bed is a dog bed, right!  Well we were not convinced; we decided that a good in transit dog bed needed a little more considered thought.  From the dogs point of view, it had to provide a consistently comfortable (soft, yet supportive, and warm) area on which to rest.   From the owners point of view it had to be robust, yet light enough to put in and taken out of the car with ease, not too big, waterproof, easy to clean, flexible but still hold its shape.

Not satisfied with that design brief, we thought we would try and tackle the age old problem of access to water when in transit.  Either the water goes everywhere, or the bowl does, due to movement of the vehicle or the dog tipping it over. Too many times have dogs become dehydrated through lack of access to water on the move not to give this some thought.

Well, after much design, development and testing, we think we have got the solution in Modin Bed.

We are a small British company with big plans, and we hope you like what we do.

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