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Modin Bed has its design and development origins in Sweden – a country globally recognised for simple, pleasing, functional design.   Modin Bed's design focuses on the needs of both the dog and its owner – blending practicality and functionality perfectly. 

We wanted Modin Bed to be tested in a tough real world environment as part of our product development journey.  So we worked in conjunction with the Swedish Police Dog Section to test our beds in the extreme.  As a result, we believe we have come up with what we believe to be the best in transit dog bed in the world!



Modin Bed’s unique integrated flush fitting anti-spill water bowl design allows your dog to have access to water when in transit without having to stop the vehicle, worry about the bowl moving around or your dog tipping or flipping it over.  Providing access to water for your dog during periods of travel or away from home is incredibly important to avoid dehydration.

The water bowl is removable, dishwasher safe and is made from a Phthalate, BPA & Lead free Food Grade plastic and has a 0.8 litre capacity.

Please note that the black bowl recess is not removable from the bed.



Modin Bed’s outstanding durability and waterproof qualities are based on carefully select materials that are developed for extremely tough applications and provide protection from wear, water and dirt, such materials as polyester, nylon and Cordura fabrics that are coated and have that familiar tarpaulin look.

Our fabrics meet extremely high durability and waterproofing specifications and are far superior to those used in other commercially available dog beds.  They combine just the right balance of softness and suppleness for your dog, yet are practical, easy to clean, do not hold dirt, odour, water or harbour bugs that might cause irritation to your dog.

Our fabrics are ‘REACH’ compliant.  REACH is a European regulation, adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals.



Our extreme degree of durability and waterproofing is extended to our seams, a common weak point in dog beds.  This is achieved using a process known as sonic or high frequency welding.  Sonic-welding involves the application of high frequency voltage to the objects that need to be welded. The voltage causes the molecules within the materials to vibrate and generate heat.  Softened from within by the heat, the materials are then bonded together under high pressure.

We use sonic-welding to meet the highest of durability and waterproofing standards. This helps to distinguish Modin Bed products as true dog bed champions compared to other merely sewn or glued products.



At the core of our bed is a solid foam mattress.  Foam is lightweight, malleable, holds its shape and provides a consistent and comfortable bed for your dog, unlike foam crumb or blown fibre fillings.  We spent along time getting the density of our foam just right - soft enough to offer maximum comfort, yet firm enough to be supportive and warm, keeping your dog off cold floors and surfaces.



Our fabrics are both durable and waterproof.  Simply brush or wipe down your bed with a damp cloth if dirty.  Feel free to use warm water and a mild detergent as necessary.  While our fabrics and seams are waterproof, the bed is not designed to be fully submerged in water.   

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